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Between tradition and modernity: the best sushi in Geneva!

Did you know that Geneva now boasts over 50 sushi restaurants?

This dish of Japanese origin has won over many gourmets in Switzerland and elsewhere in the West.

Let’s take a look at the reasons behind the success of Oriental cuisine.


The History of Sushi in Geneva


The first restaurants in the 70s

Geneva and sushi have a shared history that goes back over 50 years.

Indeed, one of the first Japanese restaurants to offer sushi in Geneva opened in 1971: Yamakawa. For a long time, it was the only place to try this very special cuisine.


A timid start

It was around 2000 that sushi restaurants or sushi shops began to blossom. Like cherry trees in spring! Restaurant owners were inspired by American practices. At first, they relied on take-away sales for a lower bill. A few dozen chf for a full menu could begin to compete with other restaurants in Geneva.

In 2015, sushi restaurant chains experienced a real crisis. The cause: an overabundance of brands. Le Temps explains this phenomenon here.

Since then, the situation has calmed down and everyone is finding their place. This maturity of the Japanese cuisine market is a reality. And it’s worth noting that growth in the number of specialized sushi restaurants in Geneva is no longer really on the agenda.


What sushi can you eat in Geneva ?

Let’s look back for a moment at the history of this Japanese met. In fact, its origins are said to be Chinese! In fact, sushi has its origins in a technique for preserving fish. The idea was to put the fish in rice that wasn’t even eaten!

From the 14th century onwards, the Japanese took hold of this product. They even began to eat the rice surrounding it.

Sushi is a kind of suitcase word, covering a wide range of variations on the product.

The word sushi comes from “su” for “vinegar” and “shi” meaning “rice”. It refers to a finger-sized piece of fish, shellfish or mollusc on a bed of rice.

Let’s take a look at the most popular categories you’ll find in Geneva.


The Maki

The best-known and most common sushi.

It consists of rice served with raw fish (tuna, salmon, etc.), vegetables (cucumber, spring onion, etc.) and fruit (avocado, mango, etc.). The whole dish is wrapped in a sheet of Nori seaweed.


The Temaki

It’s a Nori seaweed leaf cone stuffed with rice and ingredients similar to those of Maki.


The Gunkan

It consists of a ball of rice surrounded by Nori and usually garnished with fish roe.

Most variations of these Japanese delicacies are available in Geneva.

The principle is to play with the format :

the thickness and quantity of rice
the way the rice is shaped (by hand, in a wooden mould, with a mat)
the different ingredients (fish, vegetables, fruit)
the position of the Nori sheet (inside, outside, in strips, etc.).

This will determine whether you’re eating a maki, an oshi, an uramaki, a futomaki, a hossomaki, a california roll…

The art of the sushi masters is perfectly developed in Geneva. It lies mainly in the cutting of fish, seafood and shellfish. The variations are almost infinite!

Alongside sushi, you can also enjoy chirashi and poke bowl (a dish in itself) or sashimi. The latter are not sushi. In fact, they don’t consist of rice, just thin slices of raw fish.


The Sushi Experience at Confédération Centre Genève


Confédération Centre: a treasure trove of world cuisine

The art of fooding is at the heart of the DNA of the Geneva shopping center, which will reopen in 2021.

With a focus on experience and trends, the mall offers a wide range of culinary options. The best restaurants and their specialties from Asia are waiting to be tasted. To discover the options available, click here. (anchor “world cuisine”)

Sushi masters have their place here.



The brand’s history is intimately linked to the freshness of its ingredients. Importing ultra-fresh salmon, tuna and shrimp has always been its raison d’être. Recently opened in Confédération Centre Genève, the Sushizen restaurant offers a rich menu and sushi by the piece. You’ll also find bento dishes, side dishes and drinks for just a few chf.

You can eat in or use the delivery service.

The brand’s philosophy is based on a virtuous alliance. Healthy products and eco-responsible service. In fact, the containers are biodegradable and the transport eco-friendly.

Enough talk! To discover their signature dishes and magical spicy sauces, click here!

Now you know more about Geneva and its sushi. We look forward to introducing you to this exceptional cuisine. So don’t hesitate to take a trip to Asia on your next visit!