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Alien Zoo, an intergalactic journey

After the Mechanical Forest, which took you on a fantastic adventure through the mechanisms of time, Dreamscape takes you even further, to a wildlife park in the future! And like all journeys, it starts with you and five other passengers boarding a spaceship that will propel you thousands of light years into the future.

The craziest biodiversity in the galaxy!

Welcome to Alien Zoo, a sanctuary planet that’s home to many alien species, some of them endangered, some of them menacing. Here they fly, run, crawl and swim in all directions. So don’t get too close, because they can bite!

Board now for this futuristic safari

Book your place on board our spaceship here, choose your timetable and present yourself at the boarding gate about 15 minutes before take-off. Fasten your seatbelts and open your eyes wide for this immersive adventure to discover new forms of extraterrestrial life!