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Caroll, an essential part of your wardrobe

This iconic brand, created in Paris in the early 1960s, is setting up shop on the second floor of the center, with a brand new boutique dedicated to the elegance of the contemporary woman. Caroll is first and foremost a brand that has stood the test of fashion while remaining true to its chic, timeless style. Year after year, its collections offer sure-fire values that are essential pieces for so many women’s wardrobes.


Timeless and transgenerational

At Caroll, we truly cater to all women. In fact, we meet women of all ages in the boutique and fitting rooms. From the working girl looking for an outfit to accompany her first steps in professional life, to the more mature woman who oscillates between sophisticated and casual styles according to the moment of her day. Simply mix and match a Caroll garment or accessorize it as you wish, and it will change from one universe to another in the blink of an eye.


Accessible premium

Another of the brand’s original features, and the reason for its continued success, is that Caroll has always attached particular importance to the quality of its materials and finishes. From silk blouses to long coats, dresses and knitwear, customers enjoy luxury-like standards without the price tag. With labels that don’t catch fire, quality that lasts and cuts that renew themselves without going out of fashion, Caroll has established itself as a choice alternative to fast-fashion.