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Adrien Sabbah, a child of Geneva, exhibits his works!

Adrien Sabbah, the Geneva-born artist with a passion for art from an early age, has been exhibiting his work at Confédération Centre since last July. The colors, shapes and textures of works by great masters such as Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, Erni and Rouault have strongly influenced his creativity.


You’ve already admired his work “Voyage au bout de la nuit”.


Adrien conveys his vision, values and experience through his art and the frescoes he creates for you: “The grandeur of my fresco takes the viewer into another world of color, texture and brilliance. It’s a journey that can be taken from the center, or from left to right. It’s up to the viewer to make his or her own journey. This fresco inspires the brutality of humanity, the horror of this world and its turpitudes, as transcribed in Céline’s book.”


Adrien Sabbah invites you to explore his world of dreams.


“Several hundred hours of work went into the development of this showcase project. The main idea of this showcase is to take the viewer on a journey to another world, a world of colors, bucolic and strange shapes, as if the whole had come straight out of another world. Adrien Sabbah wants to transport the public into a world of joy, light and madness. Everyone should feel drawn to this party, to this dance.”