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Restaurants open on Sunday: enjoying the weekend in Geneva

If you’re looking to satisfy your taste buds on a Sunday in Geneva, you’re more than welcome. The restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy your weekly day off for lunch or dinner. Whether you’re a Geneva resident looking for a Sunday culinary getaway or a curious visitor, discover the tables where you can savor delicious specialties while enjoying the warm atmosphere that characterizes Swiss gastronomy.


Geneva: an international culinary palette

In Geneva, you’ll find a variety of cuisines to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of French, Italian or European cuisine, there are restaurants to satisfy every palate. If you’re looking for quality pastries, don’t miss the city’s cafés and patisseries, where you can sample exquisite desserts.

In cosmopolitan Geneva, much like in Paris, the options for brunch and Sunday lunch are as diverse as the city’s international population. Admittedly, restaurants have to meet certain conditions to have kitchen, catering and service teams on this traditionally non-working day. But the restaurants open on Sundays in Geneva will take you on a gustatory journey around the world. From cafés, pizzerias and local brasseries to Michelin-starred restaurants, discover French, Italian, Asian flavors and much more. Some iconic establishments, such as Brasserie Lipp, offer a blend of traditional Geneva cuisine and contemporary creations, all in a convivial setting.


A panoramic view with your meal

If you prefer a culinary experience with a breathtaking view, Geneva is also the place to be. Some restaurants open on Sundays and offer takeaway meals for just a few Swiss francs. Others have terraces where you can enjoy lunch or a coffee, whatever the season. Enjoy spectacular views of Lake Geneva, the Jet d’Eau and the Alps. Savour tasty dishes while admiring the enchanting scenery – it’s a luxury you’ll never tire of!


Switzerland: between tradition and modernity

Restaurants open on Sundays in Geneva offer access to cuisine that can make the most of tradition. Bistros and brasseries welcome you with their relaxed atmosphere and varied menus, ideal for a Sunday meal with family or friends. The famous filet de perche, fondue moitié-moitié, salade de rampons and saucisson de Cheseaux are just some of the specialties you’re sure to enjoy on the shores of Lake Geneva. But be warned: these emblematic dishes can sometimes be revisited in surprising ways! The restaurant makes more room for vegetarian options. Make up your own mind. But above all, let yourself be carried away by the softness of the Sunday setting and enjoy the cuisine served.


The best way to liven up the town center

Opening restaurants on Sundays is a great way to liven up city centers. Lausanne and Carouge have also understood this, but Geneva’s Rue Basses are not to be outdone! Traditionally closed, restaurants that open on Sundays attract onlookers in search of good food and party-going students with nothing left in the fridge!


Bringing everyone together

That’s the beauty of Sunday dining.

However, you’ll often have to make a reservation to make sure you have room.



For the solitary traveler, the Sunday restaurant is a place for contemplation. Just as Voltaire, Rousseau or Chateaubriand might have dreamt of looking at other diners over the menu in their time. It’s also the right place for a hot chocolate break in winter, or a choice of ice creams on the terrace in summer.


For lovers

Couples, meanwhile, can enjoy a romantic moment away from the week’s hustle and bustle, at home, over a good meal. You’re guaranteed to fall in love!


In the family

What could be easier than getting together between different generations in a restaurant open on Sundays? It’s so relaxing not to be on duty! You don’t have to worry about preparation, and you don’t have to make dishes to suit everyone’s tastes. Here, everyone benefits equally!


Between friends

Sunday’s relaxed pace is the perfect time to get together with friends. For those with distant European families. To complete the journey of Sunday tourists. To celebrate idleness, at the back of a room when it’s cold or rainy.


Restaurants open on Sunday at Confédération Centre Genève

Confédération Center allows this gourmet languor with its quality restaurants open on Sunday. Brasserie Lipp welcomes you with its French service, its art-deco decor and its terrace. You can spend some time at the bar, or at the table to enjoy a pastry, a coffee but also a good hearty meal. Artic Juice Café allows you to take healthy and vitamin-packed food to the shores of the lake. Gloo Gloo keeps the Sunday effect going with its chic street food until late in the afternoon.

In short, Geneva reveals a range of restaurants open on Sunday, ranging from picturesque bistros to renowned establishments. Each address offers a unique experience, combining the richness of local flavors with a welcoming atmosphere. Discover the culinary diversity of Geneva, the Swiss capital of quality cuisine and pastries. Let yourself be carried away by a European gastronomic adventure that will awaken your senses. Whether you are looking for a restaurant with a view or terrace, a café to taste delicious local specialties or succulent homemade pastries, Geneva has everything you need to satisfy your culinary desires. Reserve your table now and discover the best restaurants in Geneva for an unforgettable culinary experience.