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The confederation centre goes gourmet

Not satisfied with reinventing shopping, the Confédération Centre just hit refresh on Geneva’s food scene too. From the divine to the different – this is dining to shake up habits and get you coming back for seconds. Craving French fare? Head to Lipp, where breezy Breton cuisine rubs shoulders with Alsace-inspired pickles and charcuterie. Or, take your tastebuds wandering further afield… Think succulent sushi, bouncy bubble tea, sunny salad bowls, and cool glasses of wine to unwind with while you watch the world roll by.

Spoon is the answer to every foodie’s prayers: a new kind of food hall, packed with global cuisine. Seven stalls and a bar bring choice, and buzz. Grab lunch, or drop by for dinner, and soak up the sizzle while we work the grill. The chefs here blur lines and bend borders with cosmopolitan cuisine to keep you on your toes. It’s the city’s slice of global dining, peppered with tastes that surprise and seduce.

Spoon does fusion to perfection, throwing in dashes of creativity for that extra kick. Umami-seekers and culinary adventurers, Spoon is your spiritual home. Pull up a chair and settle in for something unexpected – drifting from miso-laced delicacies to habanero hits. Each stall focuses on a handful of dishes – carefully curated, and masterfully executed. Japanese burgers, taste-packed salads, steaming donburis, loaded Greek wraps, and fresh, flavor-filled bahn mis. Need we go on? Whatever you’re craving, find it here: pick your pleasure, grab a buzzer, and wait for the good vibrations to come rolling in. We all know that when there’s good food, conversation flows. And at Spoon, where every meal brims with creativity, you won’t be short of things to talk about.

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